Taking a step further in building sustainability and environmental protection

With the interdisciplanary excellence of our team ́s expertise, we challenge the climate crisis to the full extent. Since 2010 Nour Energy is working with actors from civil society and politcs focusing on sustainability and environmental protection, not only locally and nationwide, but also on a international scale.

NourEnergy consults, conceptualizes and trains​

Consulting & Managing

NourEnergy provides support to organizations and institutions for more sustainability in terms of technical expertise in buildings, with educational Programs as well as in organizing events. We will guide you professionally along with the implementation of the program . Our experts possess not only excellent technical skills, but also expertise in projectmanagement in order to make the project successful.

Conceptualizing & Developing

Customized, achievable, measurable- based on this motto together we work for solutions. For a sustainable success, we develop concepts in accordance to the needs of the target groups. Projecting photovoltaic systems, planning ZeroWaste campaignes as well as developing content - these are examples of our concepts which the NourEnergy is implementing successfully.

Training & Sensitizing

We provide regularly lectures ,seminars and workshops at symposiums as well as in universities and in schools and also in form of intercultural context. With our expertise as well as our social diversity, we are able to adjust the content to the interest of the target groups on a individual level. Supposedly complicated circumstances will be demonstrated in a easy and comprehensible way- for the young and old.

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