What is #RamadanPlasticFast?

#RamadanPlasticFast is a global campaign that started in 2017 and  takes place every year in the month of Ramadan. Muslims worldwide take part in the campaign and consciously use the four intensive weeks of Ramadan to contribute towards a positive change in their environment. With the help of the Green Iftar Guide, they organize Green Iftars in places such as mosques, universities, public places or at home with friends, family and the community. Every Green Iftar is unique in the way of implementation. What connects them are the implemented Green Iftar Goals.

What decisions do we make in Ramadan for breaking the fast?

Ramadan – what a wonderful time! Every evening you come together with family, friends and in the communities. However, unfortunately, at these gatherings we often turn to disposable tableware, plastic packaging and unhealthy food. In addition, we usually cook more than what is actually needed.

To get an idea about the magnitude of the plastic problem, we take the example of Germany. Germany exports almost 11% of its packaging waste, which mainly ends up in financially poor and underdeveloped countries.. Here it is not just the energy-intensive transport of waste that is a problem, but the lacking environmental regulations in the target countries as well. Plastic waste often ends up in the sea and surface waters, harming the entire ecosystem.

Understanding these crosslinks also means understanding the causes of the global environmental challenges of the 21st century. The good news: Everyone can be part of the solution simply by making decisions at the local level.

So what can we do? In 2017, NourEnergy developed a concrete and a multifaceted answer to this question by starting the unique #RamadanPlasticFast (originally #RamadanPlastikfasten) campaign.

Why #RamadanPlasticFast?

The fasting month of Ramadan is a month of reflection and reflection. Hence it offers us with the ideal opportunity to deal with our consumer behaviour and environmental awareness.

The consequences of our purchasing decisions and consumption behaviours are no longer limited to our immediate environment. Rather, globalization has made the world into a village in which actions in the social, economic and ecological spheres influence each other directly, with consequences on a global level.


Organise Your Own Green Iftar

What makes #RamadanPlasticFast special?


Think global, act local: Muslims worldwide take part in the #RamadanPlasticFast campaign and utilize the four spiritually engaging weeks of Ramadan to bring about a positive change – on a local as well as global level.


Green Iftars can be organised in places such as mosques, schools, universities, educational institutions, public places or in private.

Social added value

Donating (excess food) to the needy; positive contribution locally and globally; education and awareness for the young and old; coming together of people who share similar values

Environmental friendly

Conscious use of water and other resources, according to the principle: "less is more"; short transport routes for food items; pesticide free foods; promotion of biodiversity.

Plastic free & reusable

Plastic free Iftar; reusable instead of disposable (dishes, cutlery, cups, water bottles ...); avoiding packaging; “Make Cloth Bags Great Again”.

Healthy food

Food: Halal and Tayyib (allowed and pure); regional and seasonal ingredients, reduction of meat consumption.

What role does NourEnergy play for #RamadanPlasticFast?

#RamadanPlasticFast is a global campaign for organizations and individuals that organise Iftar events. You, the organizers, are the central actors in this campaign. The focus is on the design of your Green Iftar – special and sustainable fast breaking events.

In addition to providing a general step by step guide and individual tips for organising a Green Iftar, NourEnergy offers the organizers the following support:

  1. NourEnergy makes your organization and your Green Iftar visible worldwide.
  2. After Ramadan, NourEnergy compiles the results of all Green Iftars with their implemented Green Iftar Goals. In this way we bundle this positive movement together and there is a snowball effect worldwide.
  3. NourEnergy comes to you – for lectures, seminars or workshops! Feel free to get in touch!
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Step by step to the Green Iftar

Green Iftar Guide

This guide serves as a guideline for the design of sustainable and environmentally friendly Green Iftars. At the same time, it offers specific tips and tricks with the respective Green Iftar Goals (GIGs), illustrated on the cover and exaplained in detail in the guide. All  ‘GIGs’  are relatively easy to implement and are, at the same time, effective steps to maintain the balance in the environment.

In line with the deeper meaning of Ramadan …


How do I organise a Green Iftar?

Follow these four steps to implement your Green Iftar:

  1. Download the Green Iftar Guide and communicate the campaign in your organization.
  1. Sign up for the campaign so you can get useful tips & support from us and make your participation visible by using the #RamadanPlasticFast button.
  1. Share your Green Iftar with pictures and videos on social media under the hashtag #RamadanPlasticFast.
  1. Share your results with us and your organization will be visible in the campaign worldwide.

Sign up for #RamadanPlasticFast

Let's talk about numbers


Plastic parts have so far been spared the environment

The result: numerous Green iftars

Glass bottles, reusable tableware, seasonal and regional food ingredients – all Green Iftar Goals (GIGs) that were implemented by the participants and shared with many photos and videos on social media.

Green Iftars
3900 kg

A Graphical Summary of the Participants from 2019


Experiences with #RamadanPlasticFast


#RamadanPlasticFast in the media

Bring #RamadanPlasticFast to your city

We would be happy to support you individually with lectures, workshops, webinars and concepts.

#RamadanPlasticFast 2020: Lasst uns gemeinsam 1.000.000 Plastikteile der Umwelt ersparen!

SDG, Text aus Guide, SDG Logos von der Seite entnehmen

Werdet Teil einer nachhaltigen Bewegung

Teilnehmer an #RamadanPlasticFast 2019 mit ihren umgesetzten Green Iftar Goals

Deutschlandweit haben 11 Moscheen und 17 Hochschulgruppen aktiv an der Kampagne “RamadanPlasticfasten 2019” teilgenommen. Jede und jeder nach seinen individuellen Mitteln und umsetzbaren Möglichkeiten. Die Icons auf der Karte veranschaulichen wer welche der, von NourEnergy aufgestellten, Green Iftar Goals(GIG’s) umsetzen konnte.

Alle abgebildeten Veranstalter haben für ihre Organisation des Fastenbrechens vorab den Green Iftar Guide erhalten und als Leitfaden genutzt. Gleichzeitig hat NourEnergy den Green Iftar-Organisationen vei ihren Vorbereitungen unterstützt und ist al Referent zu 6 Green Iftar-Einladungen gefolgt. 

#RamadanPlasticFast 2020 Klickt hier (Link zu deb Schritten) und werdet Teil der nachhaltigen Bewegung