The Team

NourEnergy is a voluntary non-profit team working in the field of photovoltaic, solar thermal, rain water harvesting, and permaculture technology.

The NourEnergy team consists of professionals who come from different countries and even different continents. An outstanding team with a future oriented project idea. The team works voluntarily with the aim of setting up renewable energy systems.

The sole motivation for the NourEnergy team is Islam. Is Islamic worldview, humans are the vicegerents of Allah on this earth and this status demands from us a responsible dealing with respect to our relation with nature.

In this context NourEnergy, as a part of the German society, wishes to put forward its contribution and hence bring into the notice of the community an issue that has so far been unattended to. Most of the team members have migrant background and now after finishing their studies are giving something back to the community in this unique way.

This initiative by NourEnergy also aims at presenting a positive image of the so far generally negatively stereotyped community in the German society, by attracting the attention of the society towards its innovative and sustainable ideas.

It goes without saying, however, that this initiative is not only for Muslims to implement. On the contrary, NourEnergy believes that environmental protection is the duty of every human being. In this context, the following saying of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is more than worth a mention:

„If the Hour starts to happen and in the hand of one of you is a palm shoot or seedling; then if he’s able to plant it before the Hour happens, then let him plant it.“

(Quelle: Musniad Ahmad 12435)

Das Team NourEnergy