Solar thermal systems

How does it work
Solar thermal systems convert sunlight into thermal energy. Sunlight heats up water kept in a hose in a pretty short time. Solar energy collectors exploit this phenomenon in order to gather thermal energy. The collectors are usually black in colour and strongly absorb the sunlight. The heat energy in the form of hot fluid is hence used for heating purposes or simply as hot water.

Why solar thermal systems
a) For the environment

With the use of solar thermal energy, the use of fossil fuels will be reduced. This will also lead to a decrease in the carbon dioxide emission. Installation of a solar thermal system (10 m2 collector plate) can reduce the heat energy consumption ny 30 % which in turn leads to the CO2 emission decreased by 1750 kg´.

b) For the community and better health
The emission of hazardous carbon dioxide is reduced with the use of solar thermal systems. This would be a welcome step towards any initiative of sensitizing the community towards environment protection.

c) For financial reasons
Being cost effective is another important aspect of this technology.

How can one partner NourEnergy in this field?
NourEnergy offers community organisations support in the advisory form with respect to site survey, dimensioning of the installations, choice of components etc.