• Humanity is a creation of Allah as is nature.
  • There are signs all over in the nature for those who want to understand, the understanding of which leads us to recognize and appreciate the Greatness of Allah. It is usual that we mostly see the greatness of a manufacturer through its creation, just like we see cars and appreciate the manufacturer.
  • Nature can exist without humanity but humanity cannot exist without nature.
  • Human beings are vicegerents of Allah on this earth and this status entails a huge responsibility for us. We are not just the inhabitants of this earth, rather the ones responsible for it.
  • Nature is a property entrusted by Allah, the Almighty to the humanity.
  • Every act will be brought to justice on the Day of Judgement. And every act will be judged on the basis of the intention not the end result.
  • Water is the most precious resource on this earth, hence the need to preserve it.
  • The conservation of biological diversity is the duty of humanity.
  • Humans can make use of plants, animals, water, and air. However, one thing that needs to be taken care of is the balance of nature. Unjust use of the above mentioned resources leads to this balance of nature getting disturbed.