Photovoltaic systems

What is a photovoltaic system?
The concept of photo-voltaic can be explained by defining the two constituent words – photo and voltaic. Photo is derived from the Greek word phos which means ‘light’ and the word ‘voltaic’ is a reference to the Italian scientist Alessandro Volta who was the pioneer in the field of current electricity. Hence, the photo-voltaic is the term used to refer to ‘electricity from light’. Hence we can say that we are using the God given sunlight to generate electricity to be used for different purposes.

How does it work?
In all cases of electric current it is the flow of electrons which is necessary for the sustenance of the current. In this context, in the conventional setups for electricity generation a lot of energy is consumed to excite the electrons and setting them in flow. This flow of electrons is actually the electric current. This big amount amount of energy required to generate electric current can be supplied from pollution causing sources as well as clean sources. In the former case, a lot of unwanted byproducts are produced during the electricity generation process which may include harmful gases, radiations and noise. These pollution causing energy sources include coal, natural gas and oil. There are nevertheless clean energy sources like sunlight, wind, and water which make a cleaner transformation of energy possible. The photo-voltaic systems under consideration make the use of the God-given environment friendly source of energy called sunlight.
To the naked eye only the blue solar panels installed on the roofs are visible. But what happens when light falls on the panels is fascinating. When the sunlight strikes the photo-voltaic module the atomic structure is radically changed and with the excitation of electrons to a higher energy state the process of electricity generation is set into motion. Hence we have a clean transformation of sunlight into electricity.

Why switch to photo-voltaic systems now?
a) For environment

– Reducing the carbon dioxide footprint. Carbon dioxide belongs to the category of harmful unwanted side products of the electricity generation process. It is the main causative agent of global warming, which is a big problem for the humanity at large to be solved.
– The conventional energy sources like oil, natural gas, and coal have been in the use for a long time now and they are expected to be exhausted sooner than they were ever before. Hence, the use of such energy sources needs to be radically decreased.
– Energy from sunlight is environment friendly, free, and is virtually inexhaustible.

b) A contribution towards the community
The use of solar energy is environment friendly in the first place and hence its use is in itself an important contribution towards environment protection. Whatever be your motivation for environment protection we all have a responsibility and have a big task at hand. In this context, it is our public institutions and social organizations who have to step forth and take lead in such initiatives. Doing so they will act as a role model for the society in environment protection. In this context, the use of photo-voltaic systems is the easiest option to set a good example.

Human health is a reflection of our environment. This is because of the great dependence of humans on the environment. Hence, the way we treat our environment it is going to treat us in the same way – symbiosis. Environmental protection is in essence protection of the self. And it goes without saying that nature can exist without humans but humans cannot exist without nature.

c) To save costs
With the use of solar energy, you will no longer be just another consumer of electricity but you will simultaneously facilitate generation of electricity. The self produced electricity will be used for your own purposes and the unused part can be passed on to the public grid where others can utilize it by paying according to a fixed tariff. It is always a good idea for public establishments to save costs and in this context the use of photo-voltaic systems is extremely relevant. Nothing is more worth than an idea which is waiting to be implemented – electricity generation by the self, for the self, for the environment. You protect the environment and you save the costs.

We offer you support!
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